Friar's Point Band 2 New Albums In The Works

November 2016 - Finally getting back to the game plan after a very busy spring and summer of 2016... As we move into the fall, our plan is to record several of our upcoming LIVE performances and pull together the best tracks from these performances, engineer them a tad, and release our first LIVE Performance CD straight from the venues in which they were performed... YOU TOO can be a part of Friar's Point Band history by being part of these shows... The recorder will be running folks!!!  We also have some new original material which we've been playing for the better part of 2016 now at our shows... We will be heading into the studio over the winter to put together our 4th Studio Album... We are really looking forward to completing this before spring of 2017...

On another note... We had the entire 50 Year Tribute to John Mayall & The Blues Breakers Show Videotaped... We have the raw footage from our videographer (Joe Hancaviz) (Thank you again Joe!!!) that we are processing and will continue to release finished videos throughout the winter from the event... Stay tuned to the website for further details on all!!!


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